Spontaneity is over-rated

I don’t think any of my friends or family members would ever accuse me of being spontaneous.

For instance, I already know what I’m doing next weekend (visiting my sister and my nieces) and the weekend after that (hibernating at home, albeit one hour less of it due to the start of daylight savings time). Not knowing what I’m doing three weekends from now is about as impulsive as it gets for me.

I plan out meals about a week in advance – case in point – I knew last weekend that we would be having beef stew tonight and spaghetti with meat sauce for dinner tomorrow night. Grilled jerk chicken and a home-made Caesar salad is on tap for Monday and grilled pork chops, jasmine rice and steamed broccoli with butter is on Tuesday’s menu. If I get to M &M Meats tomorrow (which, of course, I’m planning in advance) I’ll grab some burgers and we can have those on Wednesday night. Keep Reading!