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Bold And The Beautiful: 5 Reasons Steffy Should Marry Bill As Soon As Possible

Steffy Forrester and Liam Spencer have been married three times on the Bold and the Beautiful, and it has never worked out. Liam has broken her heart on countless occasions and when push comes to shove, he inevitably chooses her rival, Hope Logan, over her. Can we all agree that this toxic relationship has finally run its course? It’s time for Steffy to move on with a real man, Liam’s father Dollar Bill Spencer. Now that Bill has proposed to Steffy, she needs to marry him as soon as possible, for the following 5 reasons.

5. Bill And Steffy Sizzle

There’s a reason Steffy slept with her father-in-law one evening last November and not just because her husband Liam had confessed to kissing another woman – she and Bill have always had an undeniable chemistry between them. The pair wanted to be together years ago but the night Bill planned to tell his wife Katie he was leaving her, he returned home to find all their friends and family in his living room. It turned out Katie had secretly arranged for them to renew their wedding vows. Surprise!

The Good Old Days: Bill and Steffy, circa 2010. Sean Smith,

4. Liam is Waffling Again

Poor Liam. He is in love with two beautiful women (Steffy and Hope) and can’t seem to make up his mind which one he wants more. Haven’t we watched this scenario play out countless times for the past eight years? And hasn’t Steffy gone through this enough? Even worse, while she was at home with their baby daughter Kelly, Liam was backstage previewing the Forrester Hope for the Future fashion show and then sampling Hope herself in her dressing room. Luckily, Steffy walked in and caught the the hypocrite in the act. When he quickly apologized, Steffy told him it was too late (the man put her through hell after she had cheated, only to turn around and cheat himself) and she immediately went to see Bill.

Sampling the Wares: Steffy catches Liam with Hope. Howard Wise,

3. The Wedding Gift

Bill’s legally binding wedding gift to Steffy is a magic number to anyone in the Forrester clan – 12.5%, specifically the 12.5% of Forrester Creations shares that Bill owns and has been holding over the family’s head for a decade.  Once Steffy marries Bill, the company will be 100% owned by the Forrester family again, with Steffy owning the same amount of shares as her grandfather, Eric. She will finally be able to take her rightful place as the true matriarch of Forrester Creations.

Gifts Galore: Your sword necklace and your Forrester shares? I’m in! CBS Daytime.

2. Stability for her Daughter

Bill recently beckoned Steffy to his house, via private car. After she arrived, he led her to a large room in the house and opened the door. Steffy walked into a beautiful nursery, decorated in pink, with stuffed animals galore. Bill was proving to Steffy that not only is she important to him, so is her daughter. In her eyes, we could see that Steffy was finally looking at the big picture and despite what her father Ridge thinks of Bill (and we all know he despises him), he is a man she could settle down with who would provide constancy for Kelly.

Pretty in Pink: Bill is going out of his way to provide for Steffy and Kelly. CBS Daytime.

1. Bill Is Loyal Only to Her

Liam has disappointed Steffy enough, she needs to let him go so he can be with Hope. “You deserve a life with a man who won’t let you down,” Bill told her. “I am that man.”  Although Bill knows Steffy doesn’t love him the same way he loves her, he is confident she will come to love him, eventually: “I know that you will because you once did and it lives in you,” he said. Bill is right – it’s time for Steffy to move on with a man who will always put her first. What is she waiting for?

Summer Sizzle: Bill and Steffy will find love again. CBS Daytime.

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