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Fear The Walking Dead Recap – Close Your Eyes

Considering the abysmal failure that has been Fear The Walking Dead Season 4, it’s time to celebrate when an actual decent episode rolls around. So pop open the champagne – last night’s 10th episode, entitled Close Your Eyes, was decent. Not great but not bad either.

The hurricane has hit and Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey) has found refuge in an abandoned house. She kills a couple of zombies and looks for food, only to hear a noise upstairs. When she investigates, she finds none other than her brother Nick’s murderer, Charlie, played by Alexa Nisenson.

Ticket to Die: Alicia tries to open the car door. AMC TV.

Alicia plans to drive away from the house in a car parked outside but she can’t open the driver’s side door. A gust of wind blows it open full force and she ends up falling to the ground and passing out. When next we see her, she wakes up inside the house and it appears Charlie has dragged her there. Alicia calls her but she’s in a bedroom with the door locked.

Through the locked door, Alicia tells her: “You may be a kid, Charlie, but you know what you did and that makes you garbage. It makes you a waste of a person.” She also mentions that she will probably kill her. Viewers can only hope – kids in the zombie apocalypse are untrustworthy at best and this kid is the absolute worst!

Knock on Wood: Charlie helps Alicia secure a shutter. AMC TV.

Alicia tries to attach a storm shutter to a window and can’t do it herself, so she is forced to enlist Charlie’s help. The hammering on the shutters attracts too many zombies so they go inside. Alicia starts a fire and offers to dry off Charlie’s wet jacket. Charlie hands her the wet jacket and she finds a gun in the pocket, points it at Charlie’s head and, surprisingly, doesn’t pull the trigger.

Later she finds Charlie outside, walking up to a zombie on the roof that was speared by a tree branch. Alicia pulls her back in the house. It looks like Charlie has a death wish.

The pair have dinner together with the storm (and zombies) raging outside the windows, and those must be some pretty strong windows, as you’d think the zombies would have smashed them in by this point.

Eventually, a huge wind gust does smash in the windows and the pair head down to the storm cellar. Unfortunately, it’s flooding and as they try to head back up, the stairs collapse. The flooding gets to the point where they are practically up to their necks in water. Charlie is crying, saying she can’t remember what her parents looked like before they turned and she doesn’t want to be like them. She asks Alicia to shoot her. Alicia thinks of her brother Nick and mother Madison and is about to pull the trigger but can’t bring herself to do it. Then suddenly, the zombie speared by the tree branch falls on the cellar door, which breaks the chain keeping the door locked and it miraculously flies open, freeing Alicia and Charlie from a watery death.

The title of the episode is explained when Alicia tells Charlie to close her eyes and imagine she was going to the beach with her parents, as they drive away from the house of horrors. It was pretty sappy but the episode overall wasn’t bad. And it was about time the only surviving member of the Clark family got an episode dedicated to her this season.

It looks like the huge storm they’ve been promoting all summer is over in one episode that only involved two characters, unless they’re planning to show us, in separate episodes, how each of the characters either survived or died due to the hurricane. I guess we’ll see, starting with next week’s episode, entitled The Code.

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