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Fear The Walking Dead Recap – I Lose People

Stranded No More: Strand, John, Charlie and Alicia are back together again. AMC.

Season 4, episode 15 begins with Morgan’s group trapped on the hospital roof, mainly because the writers thought Morgan was the only one who could lead them. When Wendell asks why “Mo Mo” is standing far away from them, Jimbo says what many of us are thinking: “What the hell are you waiting for him to do? He got us into this. You’re on your own now.”

Morgan obviously blames himself for becoming the leader and leading his people into what looks like an unwinnable situation, but really Morgan, don’t blame yourself, blame the showrunners for foisting this role upon you.

Fortunately, the whole episode doesn’t just focus on Morgan and we get to one of the highlights of the episode, Alicia calling out to Strand and John, who are across the water, then hearing June on the walkie and telling her John is safe.

Charlie and Alicia go into town to search for a boat or a canoe (any type of watercraft that can float) so they can rescue their friends.

Meanwhile, Jim continues to whine, which makes me wonder why Morgan, Wendell or Sarah are avoiding the inevitable and don’t just stick a pole through his head.

Alicia and Charlie spot a canoe and suddenly Martha starts shooting at them. Alicia sees she’s bleeding and offers to help, but of course this one trick pony replies with: “I don’t need any help,” and falls to the ground. As Alicia approaches her, gun drawn, Charlie says: “It’s the woman on the walkie.” Why thanks, Captain Obvious.

Back at the hospital, the group head downstairs, and find a ceiling had caved in, which incapacitated many walkers. They reach the generator room and find a note from Al telling them she’s headed to the freight elevator. She asks that if they find the “c-word, settle her s**t.” For once, I am in 100% agreement with Al.

Back at the island, John and Strand see the SWAT van in the water barreling towards them. This is all well and good but how was it that the water seemed much deeper just a few episodes ago, when John and Strand were trying to get across?

“It appears to be the cocktail hour,” Strand says, taking a swig of his single malt. John smiles as he passes it to him. They open the SWAT van doors, only to find Martha chained up inside. Let’s hope the decision to save her doesn’t come back to bite Alicia in the ass.

Morgan insists on staying behind in the hospital while the rest of the group leave. Unfortunately, there’s no real tension in this scene, as we all know Morgan is the showrunners’ golden boy, the only one who can make a decision, the only one who can lead, so we all know there’s no way he won’t survive it.

John and June get to talk to each other on the walkie (finally!) as June, Wendell, Sarah and Luciana face a chain link fence with hundreds of walkers surrounding it. Morgan tells them he will provide a distraction so they can escape. He drops a walker onto a car and its alarm goes off, so the group get through the fence to an ambulance and drive away.

A Group Effort

June doesn’t want to leave Morgan and the next thing Morgan knows, John Dorie is talking to him on the walkie. “I told you guys to go,” he says. “No matter what you think, Morgan, we need you,” June answers. I knew the showrunners wouldn’t let anything happen to him!

The two groups are together and surprisingly, without Morgan’s input, they come up with a plan to rescue him. As Luciana is about to leave the SWAT van, holding an ax, to go help Morgan, Martha tells her: “This isn’t going to end well, you should leave, now!” Why Luciana doesn’t just put the ax through her head right there and then is beyond me.

Morgan starts climbing down the building and a walker smashes through a plate glass window, attacking him. Sharpshooter John takes the walker out from the ground. Morgan jumps toward the bucket of a ladder truck and makes it. Unfortunately, the truck is surrounded by walkers. Jim is still on the roof of the hospital and not only decides to save the group, but before he does it, he gives Sarah his beer recipe.

When Jim’s body hits a car, he sets off another alarm and the walkers start heading toward it. “We should get out of here,” Morgan tells them. Again, thanks, Captain Obvious. They get back to the SWAT van and find that Martha has escaped. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

Reunited And It Feels So Good: John and June are finally back together.

The group drives away and are trying to decide on a name for Jim’s beer, once they find a way to brew some. They decide on Jimbos Brewbos. “He would hate that name,” Sarah says, grinning.

Then they ask the all-knowing Morgan where they should head to and he explains that he had told Jim about all Virginia and his friends in Alexandria and that he wanted to go there. They of course decide to agree to whatever Morgan wants to do.

Then there’s one last shot of the ludicrous “big bad” Martha, writing parts of Jim’s beer recipe on his face with a sharpie, making her usual threats. This character is just so one-dimensional I have a hard time hating her, I just want Martha to die because of how lame the character is. There’s one last chance next week as it’s (finally!!) the season finale. I hope they can wrap some things up because it really is an effort to keep watching Fear since the new showrunnners came in and destroyed it. After next Sunday’s season finale, I think I am done watching this show. It’s too bad really, because up until this season, it was one of my favourites.

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