I Lost on Jeopardy, Baby

Dougie is serious about Jeopardy. He’s been watching it for years and since he’s moved in, I watch it with him every evening. When the clues come on the screen, we both try to yell out the answers before the contestants and before each other. The only time Dougie and I really argue is when we’re playing Jeopardy.

Logo__JeopardyDougie prefers history, geography and sports categories, whereas I prefer literature, movies and TV categories which, according to him, are categories that “dummies” prefer.

When I get something right, or get all of the correct answers in one category, his typical comment is usually: “Well obviously that category was for dummies.”

He will also question how I came up with a particular answer, as though I was brain dead or I’d just climbed out from under a rock.

We typically start arguing and get pissed off at each other when one of two things occur:

1. One of us is on a roll, getting most of the answers right throughout the episode, while the other looks on in disbelief, or;

2. Even worse, one of us gets a correct answer from one of the other person’s favourite categories.

In either case, Dougie typically enjoys pumping his fist in the air and yelling “Bam!” when he has the luck of the Jeopardy gods on his side. I tend to do a little sitting dance, whilst pumping my feet against the floor when I am lucky enough to have things go in my favour.

Last week, there was an evening in which Dougie answered the most questions correctly but I got the Final Jeopardy question right. His response was: “You still don’t win.” I foolishly accepted this and agreed we’d call it a draw.

The following evening, I answered the majority of questions correctly throughout the episode but he got the Final Jeopardy question right. His response that evening: “I have victory!”

This past Friday, I was not at home and therefore, could not play Jeopardy with Dougie. I received the following text from him: “You should consider yourself very lucky you weren’t home tonight. I would have whooped your ass in Jeopardy.” When I replied with: “sure, liar,”  he then told me: “It would have been an old fashioned hide tanning you would have received. The categories were perfect for me but of course it’s a night you weren’t home. I am very angry.”

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