Popular Among Mice

It seems like every couple of years, when I park my car at my sister’s house, a couple of creatures hop along for the ride home.

What you have to keep in mind is that my sister and her family live in the forest. Well, not literally, but her house is surrounded by 10 acres of land, so of course it’s home to some undesirables. Like mice. And I guess my car is popular among those undesirables.

Two years ago, there was a strange smell coming from my car shortly after I had visited my sister’s place, so when I took it for regular maintenance I mentioned the smell and the mechanics told me a mouse had been using the cabin air filter as a nest. Lovely.

Not my actual air filter…

About a week ago, I left my sister’s place, after having parked my car there for only two nights, and all seemed well with my vehicle until later in the day when I went out grocery shopping with Dougie. On the way home, the air conditioning system was making a vibrating noise and the more I turned it up, the more vibration there was. Dejectedly, I realized I would have to take it in to get it checked.

By the time I took the car to Hyundai two days later, there was a horrific stench coming out of the vents when I turned on the air conditioning system. I really hoped it wasn’t another mouse.

The mechanics looked at the car and it wasn’t just one mouse, they actually found a family of dead mice in the air conditioning/heating filter. The sound Dougie and I had heard two days earlier was the fan blades cutting up the papa mouse, according to the Hyundai tech. Yuck.

Is this a common occurrence with Hyundai vehicles, or, as Dougie has suggested, do the mice just like the green apple colour of my car?

From what I’ve read online, it seems this is a Hyundai issue. Perhaps they should change their slogan from “New Thinking. New Possibilities” to “Hyundai – Popular Among Mice“.

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