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Fear The Walking Dead Recap – The Code

Fear’s Season 4, 11th episode – The Code, begins with Morgan looking for Alicia in the hurricane, to no avail. It is raining so hard he has to take refuge in the back of a transport truck.  There are boxes inside with the words: “Take what you need, leave what you don’t” written on them and he takes a peanut butter protein bar, smiling as he bites into it.

The next morning, the storm has passed and Morgan disembarks from the truck, only to see a sign outside that says Flip-Flop Truck Stop, Mississippi. He walks inside the gas station calling out “hello”. No one answers.

Breaker Breaker: Morgan makes his decision at the bridge. AMC TV.

A woman’s voice comes over a radio, looking for “Polar Bear”. Morgan tells her he doesn’t know any Polar Bear and that he is at a truck stop in Mississippi. She tells him to take what he needs and leave what he doesn’t. He flips a switch, the electricity comes on and he brews himself some coffee. The look of delight on his face as he takes the first sip is something many viewers could relate to. How long has it been since he’d had a cup of coffee? Then, he gets to use an actual toilet with actual toilet paper. Continue reading “Fear The Walking Dead Recap – The Code”

Walking Dead Recaps

Fear The Walking Dead Recap – Close Your Eyes

Considering the abysmal failure that has been Fear The Walking Dead Season 4, it’s time to celebrate when an actual decent episode rolls around. So pop open the champagne – last night’s 10th episode, entitled Close Your Eyes, was decent. Not great but not bad either.

The hurricane has hit and Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey) has found refuge in an abandoned house. She kills a couple of zombies and looks for food, only to hear a noise upstairs. When she investigates, she finds none other than her brother Nick’s murderer, Charlie, played by Alexa Nisenson.

Ticket to Die: Alicia tries to open the car door. AMC TV.

Alicia plans to drive away from the house in a car parked outside but she can’t open the driver’s side door. A gust of wind blows it open full force and she ends up falling to the ground and passing out. When next we see her, she wakes up inside the house and it appears Charlie has dragged her there. Alicia calls her but she’s in a bedroom with the door locked. Continue reading “Fear The Walking Dead Recap – Close Your Eyes”

Walking Dead Recaps

Fear The Walking Dead’s Fall From Grace

With the loss of its lead character, Madison (Kim Dickens), in the Mid-Season 4 finale this past June, Fear the Walking Dead has continued the journey of eviscerating its female characters.

From Strong to Sulky: Luciana brooding over Nick. AMC Studios.

When we initially saw the character of Luciana (Danay Garcia) in Season 2, Episode 9, she was a hard-core warrior. Encountering Nick (Frank Dillane) for the first time, she attacked him with a baseball bat and subsequently spurned his romantic advances until he eventually won her over. In Season 3, Luciana was strong enough to leave Nick in the dust at Broke Jaw Ranch when she realized those running it were not what they seemed. With new showrunners Andrew Chambliss, Ian Goldberg and executive producer Scott M. Gimple at the helm for Season 4, this fierce female character was relegated to lying around a mansion, moping over her lost love, on last night’s mid-season premiere.

Meanwhile, Strand (Colman Domingo) reunited with his lost love, alcohol, and the scenes of him stumbling around the mansion that boasts a “fully stocked wine cellar” were the highlight of the episode. I couldn’t help wondering, though, how much more entertaining these scenes could have been if his drinking buddy Madison had been with him. Continue reading “Fear The Walking Dead’s Fall From Grace”

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10 Scenes Terminator Genisys Must Recapture from The Terminator

The premise of Terminator Genisys, which opens in theaters on July 1, 2015, is that it takes place in an alternate timeline, as seen in the film’s trailers, so obviously many elements from the original Terminator film will be different, however, there are still aspects of the story that must stay consistent with the original.

10. The Terminator’s Arrival in 1984

The T-101 arrives!

The original movie The Terminator starred Arnold Schwarzenegger as a time-travelling robot with a layer of human flesh, Linda Hamilton as Sarah Connor, and Michael Biehn as Kyle Reese. The plot begins as The Terminator, Cyberdyne Systems Model T-101 seemingly drops from the sky in a hail of lightning and begins acquiring weapons and information on all women named Sarah Connor living in the city of Los Angeles.

His mission: to terminate Sarah and by default, kill her unborn son John in the process.

9. Kyle Reese’s Arrival In 1984

Kyle Reese arrives in 1984.
Kyle Reese arrives.

Soldier Kyle Reese is also sent back in time, but with a much more heroic mission – to save Sarah Connor from the T-101. Keep Reading!


I Lost on Jeopardy, Baby

Dougie is serious about Jeopardy. He’s been watching it for years and since he’s moved in, I watch it with him every evening. When the clues come on the screen, we both try to yell out the answers before the contestants and before each other. The only time Dougie and I really argue is when we’re playing Jeopardy.

Logo__JeopardyDougie prefers history, geography and sports categories, whereas I prefer literature, movies and TV categories which, according to him, are categories that “dummies” prefer.

When I get something right, or get all of the correct answers in one category, his typical comment is usually: “Well obviously that category was for dummies.”

He will also question how I came up with a particular answer, as though I was brain dead or I’d just climbed out from under a rock.

We typically start arguing and get pissed off at each other when one of two things occur:

1. One of us is on a roll, getting most of the answers right throughout the episode, while the other looks on in disbelief, or;

2. Even worse, one of us gets a correct answer from one of the other person’s favourite categories.

In either case, Dougie typically enjoys pumping his fist in the air and yelling “Bam!” when he has the luck of the Jeopardy gods on his side. I tend to do a little sitting dance, whilst pumping my feet against the floor when I am lucky enough to have things go in my favour.

Last week, there was an evening in which Dougie answered the most questions correctly but I got the Final Jeopardy question right. His response was: “You still don’t win.” I foolishly accepted this and agreed we’d call it a draw.

The following evening, I answered the majority of questions correctly throughout the episode but he got the Final Jeopardy question right. His response that evening: “I have victory!”

This past Friday, I was not at home and therefore, could not play Jeopardy with Dougie. I received the following text from him: “You should consider yourself very lucky you weren’t home tonight. I would have whooped your ass in Jeopardy.” When I replied with: “sure, liar,”  he then told me: “It would have been an old fashioned hide tanning you would have received. The categories were perfect for me but of course it’s a night you weren’t home. I am very angry.”


Mother and Dragon Reunion

Last night’s Season 5, Episode 9 of Game of Thrones, The Dance of Dragons, kicked butt! I had been waiting to see the scene where Daenerys rides Drogon away from the fighting pits since I first read it in the George RR Martin book A Song of Ice and Fire, four years ago, and it didn’t disappoint. As she is surrounded by the Sons of The Harpy, Daenerys wills Drogon to her side. When she strokes his head and he opens his fiery jaws, Daenerys is not afraid. Drogo expels a long, warm hiss into her face (most cat owners have experienced this) and she smiles. And the look in Tyrion’s eyes as Daenerys escapes on the back of her most powerful dragon is priceless.

Image credit: HBO
Image credit: HBO

On the other hand, Stannis Baratheon, you suck! Sacrificing the life of your only daughter (and letting her be burned at the stake) for your own power and glory is a shameful. Of course, the religious fanatic Melisandre is a villain who is willing to sacrifice anyone for her Lord of Light but Stannis had been an almost likable anti-hero. But no longer. The death of his daughter Shireen has not happened in the books, at least, not yet. In fact, in the books, Shireen isn’t even with the army on this mission. I’m hoping Melisandre decides to sacrifice Stannis next.

I was, however, glad to see less of a focus on Jon Snow during last night’s episode. I know people enjoyed Jon Snow’s battle with the White Walkers in last week’s episode but I didn’t much care for it. Yes, the special effects were awesome, but I would much rather have seen more of Cersei’s torment in the dungeon at King’s Landing or Jaime and Bronn’s toils in Dorne. Kit Harrington is an amazing actor but the Jon Snow character is just not my cup of tea. I didn’t enjoy him in the books and I don’t particularly care for him in the TV series either.


A lucky loser

I  got tickets today for the Murdoch Mysteries Fan Day event on August 8th in Toronto (very Canadian of me, I know)! When I told Dougie how lucky I was to get them, because the tickets sold out in three minutes, he put things into perspective for me as usual.


“Wow, this means there are that many other people who are losers like you?”

I had told him yesterday that Yannick Bisson (the actor who plays the title character William Murdoch) had once favourited two of my tweets. Then, after I explained to him what tweets and what favourited mean, he came up with this gem:

“You live a life of pure excitement, don’t you?” Yes I do Dougie, yes I do.