Could I have that on a separate plate please?

Last night’s dinner of champions. All served in separate plates/bowls of course.

I have become a bit of a freak over the years when it comes to how my food is served. I’m not sure when it started, but it’s definitely getting worse. I like to use separate plates and bowls for everything. I don’t particularly want any steak, pork chop or chicken juices touching any vegetable or carbohydrate I’m serving with it. I haven’t gotten so bad as to request separate plates at a restaurant or when dining at a friend’s place, well not yet…

The only meals I’ll eat on the same plate when I’m at home are burgers and fries and pot roast (everything is cooked together anyway).

As we were loading up our separate plates and bowls after dinner last night, Dougie remarked: “We’re probably the only two people on planet earth who can fill up a dishwasher with one meal.”

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