Waging a washroom war

There has been a silent battle going on in my washroom for the past two months. It’s been subtle and has so far not even been a point of contention or even discussion between Dougie and I. But almost every time Dougie has been in the bathroom, the same horrific event has taken place. The toilet paper is sitting under when I attempt to use it. When I had placed the roll on the spindle earlier in the day, the toilet paper had been sitting over it.

At first, I assumed he had mistakenly placed it in the under position because really, who in their right mind would prefer it this way?

I always have been and I always will be a toilet paper over kind of gal. Don’t get me wrong, I am stubborn about this issue and there are times when I’m at someone else’s house, my sister’s for example, where the toilet paper is rolling under on the dispenser and although I am sorely tempted to turn it around, I leave it the way it is, because it is her house – even though it is so very, very wrong.

But at my own house? That is a different story and I must prevail because let’s face it – hanging toilet paper over reduces the risk of transferring germs, makes it much easier to find the end and hell, it just looks better.

Still, it is a war that has yet to be waged between Dougie and I, but when it is fought, I am sure I will be declared the undisputed victor. I even have reinforcements to back me up. As illustrated below, the original patent for perforated toilet paper, created by New York business man Seth Wheeler (the inventor) was recently discovered and it clearly shows an over arrangement for hanging toilet paper.


So Dougie, prepare to be defeated!

2 thoughts on “Waging a washroom war”

  1. Even if I put the roll on the wrong way by accident, I don’t bother changing it because I know Cam will correct my error almost immediately. It’s like a superpower he has, knowing when someone has shifted the balance in the space-time-toilet paper roll continuum.

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